Convenient & Stylish!
Low Down Spring for K-Cars
■Transform K-Cars into cool & stylish lowered appearance
■90mm road clearance secured, to conform to vehicle safety inspection
■Affordable pricing
■Equipped with silencer rubber, to eliminate unpleasant noise from spring
■No-sag warranty for 3-year or 50,000km
Vanadium SAE 9254 SteelV
Use of Vanadium alloy steel SAE9254 [tensile strength 200kgf/mm2(1960N/mm2) or over] makes it possible to make coil diameter thinner than existing springs. This also enables reduction in weight and increase in stroke, thus reducing weight of suspension's moving parts and improving absorbing ability of uneven road surfaces.
Silencer Rubber
To prevent noise caused by coil-to-coil contact and/or from mounting portion, Silencer Rubber is applied to each spring, reducing unpleasant noise commonly caused by use of low-down springs (Except some models).
Improved Rust-prevention
Surface of "S.TECH K-SPECIAL" is treated with powder coating, which forms thick film and is highly durable, in addition to zinc phosphate coating as pre-paint, which is quite effective in rust prevention.Such paint provides superior protection against snow melting agent (calcium chloride) compared to existing paint solvent.
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Set up for 30 to 50mm lowering
"S.TECH K-SPECIAL" is set up to drop the ride height as much as possible (vary by vehicle models), to satisfy even the most
image-conscious users, but still maintains the minimum road clearance of 90mm to fully comply with car inspection standard.
Exclusive Setup for Each Vehicle
Each "S.TECH K-SPECIAL" is tested on actual car to find the perfect setting with the most suitable spring rate, unlike other low-down springs that are designed with flat rate increase compared to OE springs.
No-Sag Warranty
For user's peace-of-mind, we apply no-sag warranty. "S.TECH K-SPECIAL" is warranted for 3 years or 50,000km from the date of purchase, whichever comes earlier. If the spring sags within that period, we will accept returns. Please note that warranty is void is the spring is used for purposes not approved by TEIN.
⇒Warranty Terms
Spring can be returned, if it is confirmed by TEIN that there is over 5mm of sag in free length, as mounted on vehicle, from the ride height with the specified load. Springs should be sent to TEIN, postage prepaid by user, for measurement, evaluation and judgement, done using specially designed measuring instrument.*The decision will be made based upon standard ride height with the specified load shown in drawings.
⇒NOT Warranted for; (excerpt from Warranty Policy)
Warranty is void if spring is used in combination with non-OE shock absorbers and/or used beyond the specified conditions; such as using bump rubber modified in unapproved way or manufactured by other companies.
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